Match Report Template

Since 2008 we have introduced a match report template (in Microsoft Word Format) so that as many of our matches as possible get publicised on our website. This can be filled in electronically and submitted by email to the PRO. A copy of the template can be downloaded by clicking on the ATTACHMENTS at the bottom of this page:

This template can be used for any match involving a Tinryland team (juvenile to senior inclusive)

Instructions on using template:

  1. Download a copy of the template
  2. Save it on your computer hard disk or USB memory stick
  3. Print off a copy of the template and take to the match and fill in accordingly
  4. Save a copy of the template as a new file e.g. Tinryland Vs EireOG 1 April 2008.doc
  5. Fill in this new copy of the file electronically based on your hand-written version you filled in at the match and save
  6. Email the saved file to the PRO at the following email address:
Tinryland GFC Lotto,
19 Nov 2010, 07:47